The Facebook Conversation Manager allows you to manage your page and personal profile conversations, this tool provide wide features such as filtering conversations, tagging conversations, display conversation participant information and replying to conversations. The tool can be reached from FoxMaster Suite main screen > Targeting > Conversation Manager

Facebook Conversation Manager tool

Conversation Manager Features

  • Manage Facebook Conversations for pages and personal accounts.
  • Filter conversations by participant name, location and gender
  • Filter conversations since last updated time
  • Filter conversations by content
  • Tag conversations
  • Filter conversations by tags
  • Display participant information
  • Fetch latest conversations from Facebook and update local database
  • Filter bad conversations status
  • Reply to conversations (send ads, update..etc)

Fetching Conversations from Facebook

  1. Click “Accounts” from top menu to select a Facebook account
  2. Click “Fetch conversation(s) from FB” from top menu to start fetching account conversations

Fetched conversations are stored into local database on your computer, whenever you would like to fetch latest conversations, repeat the same process.

The option “Fetch full conversation(s) information” will fetch additional conversations information from Facebook, including message snippet, message count, unread count.

Replying to conversations