Using the tool “Business Lead Extractor” you can extract Business leads from Facebook by business location and category. Generated data includes business name, email, phone, address, category and much more.


  • Extract business leads by country, city, state, street and ZIP
  • Extract business leads by business category
  • Filter by business verification status (Not Verified, Grey Verified and Blue Verified)
  • Filter by fan count, last active date
  • Export result to CSV
  • Export Business pages IDs to a text file
  • Use multi Facebook account to extract leads from Facebook


  1. Open Business Lead Extractor tool from FoxMaster Suite main screen -> Lead Tools -> Business Lead Extractor
  2. Click account icon from top right corner to select what accounts to be used in campaign.
  3. Enter a search keyword (optional)
  4. Select a business category
  5. Enter a business location (optional
  6. Click start to start the campaign
Facebook Business Lead Extractor