Using the tool Page Booster, you can send likes to one or more Facebook pages using multiple Accounts.

Facebook Page Booster Tool

Facebook Page Booster Features

  • Like a Facebook page(s) using multiple Facebook accounts
  • Share a Facebook page(s) to multiple Facebook accounts wall.
  • Set Delay between like requests

Configuring and starting Facebook Page Booster

  1. Open Page Booster tool from FoxMaster Suite main screen “Page Boosting Tools -> Page Booster
  2. Click icon from top menu to open settings form
  3. Select Facebook accounts to be used in the campaign
  4. Adjust delay between actions, default is 0-2 Minutes.
  5. Check boosting options Like/Share
  6. Click Save Settings
  7. Start the campaign by clicking Operations -> Start from top menu
Facebook Page Booster – Demo