The Responder tool provides features for auto responding to activities occurs on Facebook posts and your account(s) inbox. With Responder tool you can set multiple sensors to monitor your latest pages and profiles posts and interact to comments automatically, you can also set a sensors to monitor your pages and profiles inbox and respond to incoming messages based on a pre-defined rules.

Example Usage Scenarios

  • Auto reply to page fans comments, ex; someone asks for a product price, product list, shipping questions…etc
  • Auto like comments posted on a specific posts or last page posts.
  • Auto reply privately, ex; reply to a comment that asks for a product price via a private message.
  • Auto reply to incoming messages to your page or profile inbox


  • Auto reply to fan comments
  • Auto like fan comments
  • Auto respond privately to fan comments
  • Monitor a specific posts
  • Monitor latests page X posts
  • Create multiple sensors to monitor different pages and profiles
  • Create rules to reply with a specific message, based on fan comment content
  • Create rules to reply with a specific message, based on fan incoming message content
  • Disable or enable a specific sensor features, ex; configure sensor to like comments without replying privately.
  • Enable or disable No-Spam feature, to avoid spamming your fans.
  • Running completely on auto pilot