Comment templates can be created from “Comments Manager” tool, after creating a comment template, it can be used in other tools such as “Engager”, “Responder” and “Post Booster”. 

To create a new comment template, open Comments Manager tool from FoxMaster main screen.

Creating a new comments group

Comments templates are organized into a groups, you will need to create a new group by clicking on “Add Group” from top menu, enter the category name and hit Save.

Comments Manager

Creating a new comment template

  1. Click on the newly created group then click on “New Comment” from top menu.
  2. Enter the comment content, text and photos if needed.
  3. Enter a name for the comment template in “Comment Name” field and hit Save changes.
Comments Manager – Preview

Manual Mentioning

You can mention a Facebook page or user in a comment using the following syntax:


Manual Mentioning

Dynamic Mentioning

The dynamic mentioning used exclusively by “Responder” and “MAX Responder” tools. For example, responding to new messages including sender name can be done as follows: “Hello @[user]”
The dynamic mentioning syntax is as follows:


Dynamic Mentioning

Using Dynamic Variables

Dynamic variables will be replaced with actual value at publish time. For example the variable “#datetime#” will be replaced with the current date and time. 

Dynamic Variables

To use a dynamic variable, insert the variable name into the desired location in the comment text.

Using Dynamic Variables

Using Spintax

Spintax is a collection of words or phrases. Each word/phrase is delimited by | (pipe) character. The Spintax begins with an opening curly bracket { and ends with a closing curly bracket }. A random word/phrase is chosen from each delimited section of the text.

Example: { Her | My | His } favorite color is { Red | Blue | Green | Yellow } With this Spintax we can get the following results:

  1. His favorite color is Yellow
  2. My favorite color is Red
  3. His favorite color is Red
  4. Her favorite color is Green
  5. His favorite color is Blue
  6. My favorite color is Green
  7. Her favorite color is Red
  8. Her favorite color is Blue
  9. My favorite color is Blue
  10. Her favorite color is Yellow
  11. His favorite color is Green

From just one line of spintaax it generates 11 different sentences.

Using Dynamic variables within a spinax is possible. Example { #datetime# | #time# }