The smart publishing feature is designed to increase the safety of your Facebook account(s). Enabling this feature will let Post Publisher verify the selected accounts posting permissions and distribute the publishing tasks fairly among on accounts.

Example, Let’s say you would like to publish a post to a 3 Facebook groups and you have 3 Facebook accounts added in FoxMaster Suite, This is what going to happen when you start Post Publisher campaign:

  1. Checking if the selected accounts has a permission to post on the selected Facebook groups
  2. Distribute the publishing tasks among selected accounts.

The publishing tasks will be assigned to the selected accounts as follows

  1. Account-A publish on Group-A
  2. Account-B publish on Group-C
  3. Account-C publish on Group-C

Using smart publishing mode is great when you’re posting to many Facebook groups, Spamming rate will be reduced for each account!

Post Publisher Campaign Settings