Post Publisher provide feature for publishing on Facebook Groups, Pages and Profiles.

Post Publisher has a wide range of features such as Spintax and Dynamic Variables support, multi-account support, campaigns management and report generation. Post Publisher is smart, the fair task distribution algorithm will make sure that the publishing tasks distributed fairly among publishers accounts.


  1. Publish on private & public groups, pages and profiles.
  2. Smart Publishing mode, distribute publishing tasks among multiple Facebook accounts.
  3. Supports different type of posts, including, Text, Photos, Photo Albums, Videos, Links, Group Sale Post and Page Milestones.
  4. Create and manage unlimited campaigns.
  5. Supports Spintax and Dynamic variables.
  6. Tag people in post.
  7. Task queue reloading. Save publishing tasks queue and reload later at anytime.
  8. Publish multiple posts.
  9. Flexible delay options.
  10. Generate campaign publishing reports in different file formats.
  11. Realtime tracking.
  12. Options to send published posts information to “MAX Responder” system for autopilot monitoring and responding.
  13. Options to set auto post bump settings.
  14. Options to schedule campaign starting time.
  15. Options to Save and load campaigns.
Post Publisher – Dasboard
Post Publisher – Campaign Settings